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The Bubble fun run is organised by and for both Wakefield Hospice and The Prince of Wales Hospice with the aim to raise as much as possible for patient care.

We encourage everyone taking part to raise as much as you can. You can choose to raise money for either hospice or split your fundraising to raise money for both.  There is no minimum target and every £ really does make a difference to the patients and families supported in the five towns area.

Getting Started…

Our top fundraising tip would be to set up a Virgin Money Giving page so people can donate online. This is really easy to set up and is great for sharing on social media to show everyone what you are doing and getting them to sponsor you straight away.

Top fundraising tips…

  • Running with a group? Combine your fundraising, this means less effort and more pennies as you have a larger network of people to get involved.
  • Sweepstakes – These are a great way of raising extra money quickly, ask people to donate £3 with half going to your fundraising and half to the winner, whether you are asking people to guess your finish time or pick a winner in the latest sporting competition, everyone likes to enter as they could gain something too.
  • Bake sale – Whether at work or in the community a bake sale is an ever increasing top fundraising idea. Especially if you add in a bit of rivalry with a Great British Bake off style competition, you could even act as Paul and Mary.

For more help and information take a look at our fundraising page and if you need any help don’t hesitate to contact

Where your money goes…

It is always good to set yourself a target, either on your online page or even just in your head so you have a number to aim for, this also helps when you are asking people to sponsor you. To help here are a few examples of how the money you raise will help:

  • £32 funds a home visit by a bereavement counsellor to help families through difficult times at The Prince of Wales Hospice.
  • Raising £33 is enough to fund one hour of patient care at Wakefield Hospice.
  • Raising £100 is enough to fund 5 hours of nursing care at Wakefield Hospice.
  • £120 provides in-care patients with the support of a doctor overnight at The Prince of Wales Hospice.
  • Raising £428 is enough to fund one patients bed for 24 hours at Wakefield Hospice.
  • £450 allows the delivery of inspirational care to one in-patient for 24 hours at The Prince of Wales Hospice.